We are writing Level Up- a book on creating extraordinary careers

I finally had the guts to work on the career book. I have always felt unworthy to write the book, I had this view that you had to have some level of success before you could display the boldness or stupidity of going out into the world and advising them about how to succeed in something that you have failed dismally at. Level Up (keep in mind that this title may change) is a book that I have carried with me for years as I have gone in and out of large corporates, churches, SMMEs, start-ups and government entities. Every time when I speak to people about the principles that make people succeed in their careers, I always leave the place wishing I had something I could leave behind, something credible, well researched and based on both facts and real life experience. 

I have finally found that something and we are currently working on it with a great team of academics, creatives and lots of successful people in different areas. I would like to invite you to take the journey with us over the next few months as we work on bringing this great project to life. As we interview some really amazing individuals we will share some of the principles with you and I ask that you engage with us, share your own experiences and help us tell an even more comprehensive story with your input. 

So far we have managed to sit down with three incredible human beings and in the coming months we will sit with even more and we hope your incredible story will somehow become part of this exciting journey. Please subscribe but most of all please engage with us as we share great content. 

Mantsha Pheeha

Published by Mantsha

Mantsha is a business speaker, executive coach, author, blogger, mentor and a chemical engineer. She was born in Limpopo and she holds a BSc. Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Witwatersrand. She began her career in the PGM Mining industry as an engineer and has vast experience in Government, Mining, Development Finance, Engineering and Management Consulting. Mantsha has worked in Senior Management roles in the Corporate Sector, dabbling roles such as Senior Manager, Project Engineer and Project Manager. Her last stint was in government as a Chief Director for Infrastructure Management and Public Private Partnerships. Mantsha is the author of six books- Single and Loving It, How to pray the word of God, Failure is not Final and How to realize your personal vision. She is a mentor and business coach and she is a publisher. Mantsha is passionate about development and runs several youth and womens’ programmes.

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